“I put my money where my mouth is. I also put food in there, but not at the same time as my money.”  -Anthony J. Alfidi, Founder and CEO

(Drumroll, please.) Ta-da! Here it is, folks. The Alpha-D Multi-Strategy Portfolio is the real world implementation of Alfidi Capital’s investment philosophy. Its individual holdings represent Anthony J. Alfidi’s long and short positions in whatever accounts he holds. Please remember that Alfidi Capital does NOT recommend this or any other portfolio as any kind of solution for anyone other than the firm’s founder. The published report specifically omits target weights and other metrics to discourage the casual reader from reverse-engineering it for their own use. In other words, don’t try this at home. If this portfolio’s concepts help you learn something, then good for you.

A lot of thinking went into this portfolio. Tons, literally. The heavy lifting behind the Alpha-D concept is spelled out in the investment philosophy below.

The Alpha-D Investment Philosophy

Don’t ask for any periodic snapshots of the portfolio’s holdings. Stuff like that is privileged and confidential. The Alfidi Capital Blog used to track Alpha-D portfolio changes until it became a waste of time.