“Pretty pictures are a great way to share love with the whole wide world, especially with people who can’t read.”  -Anthony J. Alfidi, Founder and CEO

Water, electricity, and investment capital all have one thing in common:  They all follow the path of least resistance. Flowcharts are an effective way to depict problem-solving methods, and they are definitely useful in illustrating problem sets commonly faced by investment professionals.

It’s always nice to have access to industry best practices, and this firm is all about best practices. Alfidi Capital provides the charts and diagrams below as a public service to Wall Street. Sometimes even the biggest investment firms need to clean up their act. This firm you're seeing right here is kind of like a "bright idea fairy" that shines a light on financial innovation.

Here's a special note for people who don’t understand that these reports are provided for education and entertainment purposes only. Any graph, chart, formula, or other device in any of Alfidi Capital's publications absolutely cannot, in and of itself, be used to determine which securities to buy or sell, or when to buy or sell such securities, and cannot assist persons in making those decisions due to the obvious and severe limitations thereof and the difficulties regarding the use of said publications.

Wealth Management Client Acquisition Process

Investment Banking Sales Cycle

MBA Recruiting and Professional Development

Financial Services Career Progression

Financial Innovation How-To Guide

Continual Improvement Process

Launching a Hedge Fund

Bernanke-Yellen Asset Bubble Venn Diagrams