“Am I the only one who works here? Hello? Anybody around?”  –Anthony J. Alfidi, Founder and CEO

Sometimes Alfidi Capital discovers a need to publish special reports. These reports can be on a sector, style, country, macroeconomic trend, or whatever else the CEO thinks is important. You see, in a typical corporation, when the CEO yells “Jump!” the rest of the employees are supposed to ask, “How high, Mr. Big-Shot?” At this firm, when the CEO yells, “I want a special report on a financial topic!” nobody yells back, so he’s essentially talking to himself. Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Alfidi Capital's special reports aren’t all that weird. They are available free of charge below.

Here's a special note for people who don’t understand that these reports are provided for education and entertainment purposes only. Any graph, chart, formula, or other device in any of Alfidi Capital's publications absolutely cannot, in and of itself, be used to determine which securities to buy or sell, or when to buy or sell such securities, and cannot assist persons in making those decisions due to the obvious and severe limitations thereof and the difficulties regarding the use of said publications.

IPO Filing Price Range Valuation

Put-Call Parity Analysis of Market Ignorance

Capitalization Rate Valuation of REIT ETFs
(with valuation template)

Sample 10/20/30 Rule Template

MoneyShow San Francisco 2013 Seminar

Commonwealth Club Matching Game