Some of you may have questions, and the founder is always willing to answer them (schedule permitting). Some of you may be business big shots looking to expand your network, and the CEO is available for meals and drinks provided he doesn’t get stuck with the bill. Some of you may have entrepreneurial aspirations, and Alfidi Capital is always on the lookout for that next big thing. Some of you may even have bold visions for the future of humanity, and in the spirit of Kaizen you'll find an open mind here. And some of you may be just plain crazy, in which case you'll hopefully navigate away from here.

There are many reasons to contact Alfidi Capital, but there is only one way to do it.  Just sit and be patient. I will find you if I believe you are worthy, even if I must resort to telepathy.

One final note deserves a mention. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY, RESUMES, OR JOB OFFERS.  This firm cannot accept investments, it will never hire anyone, and the founding genius is not the least bit interested in ever working for anyone else.